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silent whispers from afar

archive of tinkerbell's slash and stash

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11 April
Tinkerbell loves her slash.

This is the journal of Tinkerbell. Here I archive my stories, but here I also let off steam, unburden my heart.
I'm not the type of person who you'd normally come across. I can be sweet, caring, tender and loveable, but on the other hand I can be the mother of all bitches, push you down so deep you want to go and hang. I usually don't, generally, like people, I don't like stupid people, I hate ignorant people, narrow-minded people disgust me and I bet I do the same to them, or at least they are a bit afraid of me. If I like you, I'll play nice. If I don't, you'll notice.
I'm pirced (my lip), have funny hair (atm black and violet, used to be green, blue, red...), my opinions and views on life and all the things related may be quite liberal, shocking, radical or steep. I don't make exuses for myself, nor do I feel need to apologise. I am what I am, I never claimed to be perfect, I never want to be perfect, and I loath people who think they are.
To people I don't know and probably don't even want to know. Flame me and I'll flame back. And don't flatter yourself to think I actually care about your narrow-minded bullshit on slash or my opinions.
To those people, in real life or on LJ, who I call friends or at least comrades, I salute you. You have breached the barriers into the unknown, that is me. I'll keep you safe during your stay.

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