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I am alive, I am.
London treats her guest well. I love my job, I love my workmates (not all of them, obviosly) and am getting a laptop soon to write some more slash. Lovely :) I think you all must send me email so I can keep in touch with you better. The address would be mauled_@hotmail.com. Please let me know you don't hate me.
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i have been the WORST friend to all of you! i have been so busy getting my life started here i havent had the time to come and sit down in an internet cafe, as we dont have an internet at home yet. but, i shall, from now on, update more often, say, twice a week.
i have created a nice little life for me here, cool new groovy friends (not as cool as you lot, though) and a nice home in notting hill. ive made a good start to actually have a decent life here.
i am asked to go to finland during x-mas, but have been wondering about the choice of going to canada. marauding_moony, if the offer still stands, i would love to come. dejectedmadness, you better come that way as well! i will now check the flights and will let you lot know in a couple of days what my plans are.
ashersembrace, i miss you very much. i hope everything is well and good.
all you other , lovely people who i didn't name, i miss you and will be a better mate from now on.

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And such it is.
I got a job. From a guy that made me see daydreams for ages after he told me 'yes, love; you got that job'. Damn, that English accent always gets me. Anyways, I got a steady job wich to go to every day now. Lucky me. I was getting a bit upset about that shit.
I have also been very much missing everyone worth while in Finland. Though, now I am too busy to actually miss anyone that much. Met a bunch of new people, have become happy here. Found my place in the world, which is more than many people I know can say.
Just a quick update, as am too busy to sit around in the net. But besure, I am having fun. Will have to find some me-time soon, just to catch up on my reading, writing and that sort of shit. Plus, i haven't been able to feed my Orlando-obsession in ages, which is always bad.
Kiss kiss to my darlings!
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i am alive, seriously :)

I have left you people all alone for such a long time I feel ashamed. Have not updated in ages, I know. I miss you all, but it has been very fectic around here, London, my new home.
A lot of things have happened, partied like an animal, and still am trying to find a job. I am fine, tho, don't worry :)


Seriosly. What are the fucking odds.
When I got here, I met a Finnish guy. He was nice, well, not nice, but almost as much of a bastard as I am. So, we changed phonenumbers as he was supposed to help me with a job. We met up for a beer the next day. I had fun. He's a bastard, so obviosly we get a long fine.
Now I find myself seeing him every day, we walk in the fucking park hand in hand, kiss under the trees, have lunch and meet up for make-out sessions. And fuck me, I like him. If I knew why, I would stop, trust me. Every day I tell myself that I'm not going to see him again, then he calls me, and along i go. Shit.
I had to come to England to have a crush on a Finnish guy.
As I said, what are the fucking odds.
On other news, have been to interwiews now, on monday I will know about a few of the places. Fucking aye.
Oh, did I remember to mention I'm looking for a flat with the Finnish guy? As FLAT MATES, nothing else.
And I don't even like him. No, I don't.
Shit. Yes, I do.

An yet.

Something has disturbed me very much lately.
When I left Finland, I was sure I would miss a certain amount of people like crazy, and would actually think about coming back to them. Now I find that that amount of people is actually a lot smaller than I expected, and that I would not come back even given the chance. I still am a bit upset that some people, who I thought actually loved me a lot have forgotten me already, as they cannot profit from me now that I am not around anymore. Such is life, is it not?
On to good things, then. London treats her guests well, I have managed to actually drag myself into interwiews and such to nail that job. Have done something small on the side, but I want a job to wake up to every morning, believe it or not. I need routines, this constant partying (and when I say party, I mean the wildet party one can imagine, damnit. All night of drinking and draining something else than drinks as well) makes me all wobbly. I want a normal life... well, as normal as it gets around here. People come and go, and one should not get too attached to them.
Speaking of that, the Finnish guy. Still on a buzz about that, whoaa. Who could have believed I culd actually still start to feel like a young schoolgirl when a guy takes my hand, or when I am asked to go out, or when I get a message in the evening saying 'goodnite sweetheart'.
Fuck, I am in Soooo deep shit.

Miss you all and will promise to update more often now. And the stories will continue as soon as my laptop arrives here :)

Laters, loves!
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My GOD!!!!!
I have been nominated AGAIN. The mistreated series have been nominated for a few categories in the same awards thingy as Hector's love was.
Whoever nominated, thank you. It's not gonne win, but it's so nice to know you people actually like my stories.
On other news, hello to all from London. :)
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Title: Mistreated, Part 16/16
Author: Tinkerbell
Pairing: Orlando Bloom/Ewan Mcgregor
Warnings: The same as ever. Slash.
Rating: All over NC-17
Summary: When you love someone, and they don’t love you back, how much are you going to take just to make them love you?
Disclaimer: My apologies, this is not true.
Feedback: I need it like oxygen, the comment-whore that I am.

But sometimes, like tonight, he simply wanted to shag the poor boy’s brains out. Because he loved him, yes, but also because he was such a pricelessly hot piece of ass. Collapse )
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Comment and give me a character or pairing (that I'm familiar with) and a word/phrase, and I will write you one sentence worth of fic.

Stolen from telleer

I'll make it 5 sentences, as did she.
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My God.

I have been nominated for Best Troy Slash Category in Perfect Bloom Slash Awards. I feel so... Honoured. Who ever did this, thank you, thank you, thank you.
If you want to read the fic that participates, it's here.

I feel jumpy. Not because I want to or am expecting to win, but it feels nice to know people actually like my fics.

Which brings me to asking you people, who may read this journal: Do you review? Or at least let the writer know you have read their fics? And if not, why not? Feedback is like oxygen! Always leave a comment!

That being said, back to writing for me.

Plus, guess whom I get to marry according this meme I stoleCollapse )
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Book Meme, stolen from marauding_moony and ashersembrace

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal...along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around and look for the "coolest" book you can find. Do what's actually next to you.

Born, as it was believed, during the darkness of night, in an unfrequented, lonesome cave on Mount Kyllene, in Arcadia, and on this account styled Kyllenios, he was only a day old when a remarkable example of his cunning and knavery occured.

Alexander Murray: Who's who in mythology